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We help you determine your needs and scale up your Cyber Security Posture in line with your risks of business. Identification of Risk points, assessment and then scaling your cyber security deployment is our core area of focus

Risk Identification

Identification of Risk is the first step towards setting your cyber security posture. A careful and calibrated risk identification is a good start point for establishing sound practices for secure business and resilience

Risk Quantification

After having identified the risk in your business processes and technical bottlenecks, quantification in terms of returns and risk valuation is necessary. We help you identify your core processes and core assets at risk

Response Optimization

Risk Quantification helps you define your cyber security posture towards the valuable assets. It supports you in your decision making process while deployment of strategies towards your core business area.

Robotics is a very niche area that we dwell into. We are a company that fabricate useful Robots for your needs. We customize the robot for you with Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision capabilities

Simulated Design

Designs are made on CAD platforms with animations so as to make you understand what the final product would look like. The designs would help you fine tune your requirements before going for final fabrication of the Robot


Sizing of the Electronics, Power Boards, and current flows are very important parameter to be considered depending upon the user requirement. We help you scale up your electronics as per your need


After the design has been approved by the user, we fabricate the Robot and customize it as per the user demand. The customization incldes branding, naming, color combination, voice modulation etc.

We develop custom software solution for end to end processes in tune with your organizational needs. We help you host on dedicated servers, cloud and also manage the same for you. Easy to use interfaces would give you a fantastic experience

Mobile Application

We develop Mobile Application for a cross platform experience with a friendly user interface. We develop applications on the latest languages such as Flutter and React

Web Application

We develop Web Application for a cross platform experience. The development platform includes the latest coding platform such as DotNet, Python, Flask, Django, React, Vue and many such frameworks that have rich and responsive interfaces

iOT Application

Easy to user interface development for all your iOT devices on a common dashboard. We help you integrate your security solutions on a singular dashboard for ease of operations

In order to ensure growth of your human resource we provide customized Management Training to your employees. Tailormade trainings suted to your environment enhances productivity of the organization and ensures a Learning Organization. In addition to Management trainings we also enable your work force with technical, administrative, behavioural and sectoral trainings

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